Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs
Energy consumption and efficiency are always our highest priority.

Stones River Electric has the expertise and resources necessary to provide the most comprehensive and flexible lighting maintenance programs in the industry. At Stones River Electric, energy consumption and efficiency are always our highest priority. We are a team of lighting specialists with a real world understanding that every company is unique and has very different needs regarding their lighting systems. For some, energy conservation and reduced utility costs are the only goal while for others color temperature, reducing glare and color rendering properties may be the most important. We understand! Our dedicated team of professionals will tailor a lighting program that fits your facility maintenance needs and your budget. We offer flat rate maintenance plans that make it easy to manage your budget while keeping your building well-lit. With regularly scheduled inspections our technicians will keep your space looking its best. Or, we invite you to call whenever you have an immediate need for a reliable, professional lighting specialist.

We know that your company, regardless of size or specialty, will benefit by:

  • Maximizing the Appearance of your Facility
  • Creating a Safer Environment
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Reducing Maintenance Costs
  • Lowering Utility Bills
  • Minimizing Environmental Impact
  • Maintenance Programs

Our highly trained and experienced staff allows us the opportunity to deliver superior and reliable services to you, our customer. We offer several lighting programs to properly maintain your lighting system and meet your monthly budget. Our Planned Service Programs are specifically tailored according to the needs and expectations of our clients.

“The Guiding Light” This is our full service program that begins with a lighting retrofit or group re-lamping of your facility and covers full maintenance of the lighting fixtures for a specific period of time. Many clients appreciate the fixed monthly fee of this program which ensures budgets are met. Monthly or Bi-monthly inspections, fixture cleaning, detailed site maps, annual energy audit and light level inspections are all included.

“Tailored to Fit” This is a fixed fee agreement for labor and material for all of your lighting and signage maintenance needs but does not include a retro-fit or group re-lamping. This program will have regularly scheduled inspections that may or may not include fixture cleaning, detailed site maps, annual energy audits and light level inspections. The “Tailored to Fit” can be tailored to fit your company’s needs and budget.

“Night Watch” In a Night Watch Program, regularly scheduled audits are conducted by one of our professionally trained staff to carefully check all exterior lighting and signs on your property. Inspection results are electronically communicated to the property owner or manager for approval before repairs are completed. An Auto-Proceed and Not to Exceed Limits are established to control cost prior to beginning the program. You determine the level of service that fits your operational needs and budget.