Our Service Area

Our Service Area

Our Service Area

At Stones River Electric, we are a team of professionals that people want to be on and work with. Our employees are equipped with the knowledge, training and tools to be highly-skilled and deliver outstanding customer service. And yes, we self-perform.


For over 30 years, Stones River Electric has been providing electrical, lighting and sign services to Middle Tennessee. We understand the value to our customers of having local people service their account.


Stones River Electric self-performs maintenance programs, roll-out projects and energy management system installations with in-house electricians and technicians throughout the southeast and midwest. With corporate offices headquartered in Nashville, we are centrally located in Tennessee which provides less than an eight hour drive to over 75% of the United States population.


With electrical contractor’s licenses in 30+ states, technicians located throughout the Southeast and traveling crews, Stones River Electric is able to self-perform all your lighting, electrical and signage needs throughout the United States and Mexico. When appropriate, we will work with preferred industry partners in local markets to ensure national coverage at local rates.